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Dare to be Different

Concept & Creation

Making an end-user focused website is not a new concept, however, most sites I have lately visited, seem to be moving from information to informercial. Even though having advertising on website is acceptable and normal practice (since setting up a big site also costs a lot of money), the big problem lies within the system that encourages creation and setup of disguised and/or misguided ads.

Today, it is not uncommon to see end-users clicking on website links with the intentions of receiving further information, but are being redirected to advertisers site.

Either way, I thought it might be fun and a wonderful learning experience to setup a website where "Banners, pop-ups, disguised & misguided ads' are things of past and users can be sure that the quality of the information presented to them is not diluted by the inflow of advertising revenue.

Your Help:

It would be silly for me to even think that Software Devil can be a successful site without end-users & software developers help. If you think you are capable of taking any of below requested step, it will work as a major mile-stone in keeping Software Devil alive & making it possible for adding more features & functions on Software Devil.
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Also, I am working on making a list of other online portals that are advertising free. So if you know of any such sites, please let me know.