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An instant messenger with online game features from which you could play games online with your friends and also could chat with them securely.
5.3 MB

Advanced EMail Verifier

Check the valid email addresses of a mailing list on the fly. This utility resumes disconnected or broken process. The valid e-mail account are stored into a database through ODBC.
US$ 35.00
2.02 MB

BigSpeed Voice Chat SDK

A real-time communication system over a private network which ensures higher security with transactions and supports instant messaging and auto-alerts.
US$ 350.00
1.3 MB


Sends automated mails or reminders about updates or network status. Sends mail even in command line prompt. Log files for mails, scheduled checking etc., are other extra features.
US$ 12.00
3.90 MB

CyberNet Worlds

A chat program that helps you to connect with people all over the world and lets you build your own avatars as 3d images and also features several virtual 3D games.
6.0 MB


An internet phone software that helps you to change and apply effects to your voice and comes with instant messaging features to communicate with friends or share music etc.,
US$ 14.95
15.7 MB

Duplicate E-Mail Remover

Duplicate mails in the Microsoft Outlook Folder inbox will be searched and destroyed automatically. It checks for both the mails and posts. The Priority System, an add-in, provides more features to remove duplicated mails.
US$ 15.00
1.23 MB

E List Distributor

Mailing list management software to create and manipulate the customer contact database with subscriber lists for sending invoices, product announcements, offers and newsletters.
US$ 69.99
2.0 MB

Email Extractor

Allows the user to extract email addresses from files of any size.
90 KB

Emoticons Mail

Specially designed smileys for emails which includes 900 non-offencive smileys. Also contains animated and personal smileys can also be created. Lists latest used emoticons.
US$ 21.90
1.42 MB
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