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Font Pilot

Font managing utility with the neccessary features to manage all the fonts. It enables you to activate, deactivate and uninstall any selected font.
US$ 15.95
2.34 MB

Font Safari

Font characters can be viewed using this application. It helps you to view the US Keyboard shortcuts, UTF8 and UTF16 codes, and Unicode name of the font characters.
US$ 15.00
1.48 MB


Font menu in Cocoa and Carbon applications can be modified by adding and showing the font name in the font face and adding the collection of fonts to the font menu.
US$ 17.00
4.46 MB


Easy to use font management utility to organize the fonts based on its category. It contains built-in search function which helps you to easily search for fonts in the collection.
US$ 29.95
3.20 MB

FontLab Studio

Edit various types of fonts using this font editor which helps in kerning, drawing glyphs and hinting. Use system rendering for quick test of fonts.
US$ 649.00
7.5 MB


Fonts can be previewed and installed by double clicking a font. Fonts catalogs can be created with drag and drop facility.
US$ 10.00
1.53 MB