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.NET Component Inspector

Efficient software to produce .Net objects. You can look at behavior of a component, trace out events that occurs on any objects.
279.4 KB

Actipro CodeHighlighter

Software to highlight the syntax of your code and you could also edit the highlighted syntax.
1.7 MB


Create source level MAP files and sym files for command line MC68HC11. This tool enables to assemble many files in one command and automatic use of direct modes.
280.2 KB

ASP.NET FTP Deployment Tool

An application to organize ASP.NET visual studio projects from local system and to send to remote server by using FTP. Saves the modified project in the FTP sites for further use.
US$ 28.00
413.5 KB

Browser Master

A Browser addon tool for testing software and webpages on various screen sizes and resolutions.
US$ 20.00
737.6 KB

Code Chameleon

Useful software which enables you to develop scripts and programs by using multiple technologies. Gives number of advanced features and functionalities to develop the program code.
US$ 29.95

Code Co-op

Useful software for those users who maintain distributed multiple projects. By using this you may able to take full control over your elaborated software development projects.
US$ 159.00
3.77 MB

CodeDesigner SE

IDE to develop Windows based applications. Comes with Syntax and error highlighting capabilities, Auto code completion, displaying error description and other useful features.
US$ 75.00
3.10 MB

Cub Reporter

Add objects to expand the reports of MS Access applications. This tool enables to create basic report layouts for using them in combo, list boxes and sorting forms.
US$ 35.95
787.0 KB

Data Flow Manager

Automatic data transfer between other systems with quickbooks for business applications are performed. This tool enables to change the layouts and formats of the data.
US$ 350.00
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