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2Morrow Web Server Monitor

Allows you to monitor your server remotely without any client application installed on the server. If the server status goes down or any error occurs on server it gives alert information to the user.
US$ 89.95
5.26 MB

A-A-A Application Access Server

Excellent tool which permits system administration over LAN and WAN.
937.5 KB

Ability FTP Server

A remote server tool that helps you to remotely access the server from any computer via a web browser.
US$ 23.20
1.7 MB

Ability Mail Server ( 25 user accounts )

Software packed with a lot of features like antivirus protection, security, remote administration, content filtering, protection from spam and a lot more.
US$ 75.00
4.64 MB

Abyss Web Server X1 - Windows

Useful web server with APX architecture and SSI support. Inbuilt decoding engine denies unauthorised request to access the secured information.
US$ 59.95
255.0 KB

Abyss Web Server X2 - Linux

Useful web server with APX architecture and SSI support to help you in creating dynamic website contents.
US$ 59.95
258.0 KB

Active FoxPro Page

An internet server extension which can process code within HTML pages with out the need of ODBC or ADO. You can lively present your data on the internet.
8.38 MB

ActiveXperts Network Monitor (5 Server License)

Software that monitors various devices like workstations, LAN servers, WAN servers.
US$ 365.00
7.54 MB

AddInternet Domain Search

Web utility which helps you to find available domain names for registration on all major domain extensions such as .com, .org, .net, .biz etc., Permits you to find out the domain owners information such as name and address too.
478.0 KB

Admin Report Kit for Exchange Server

Software specifically made for generating reports that are related to configuration information of exchange server. Provision to group built-in reports in respect of organization, site, administrative group server level etc.
US$ 599.00
5.00 MB
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