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1st MP3 Tag Editor

Music file manager program that helps you to collect, manage and organize music files, modify ID3 tag information and create tag filenames.
US$ 24.95
2.90 MB

Aare MP3 Sound Recorder

A simple audio recorder that provides facilities to record audio files in either MP3 or WAV formats. It does not create intermediate files while converting the files.
US$ 19.95
1.36 MB

Able MIDI Editor

Use this powerful MIDI editor specially designed to provide you the facility to compose and modify MIDI music. It gives you the facility to add, delete and change the pitch and duration of musical notes.
US$ 24.90
2.07 MB

Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus

Create your own music from a variety of audio files with number of effects using this program that offers enhanced features.
US$ 44.95
5.66 MB

Acoustica Beatcraft

Beat mixing software that contains various varieties of audio beats, which can be mixed into audio files for DJ purpose. Easy approachable tools and redefined user interface is an added advantage.
US$ 39.95
8.15 MB

AD Stream Recorder

An audio recording software to stream live audio from the internet, also the audios from the movies, winamps, real players, microphones can be recorded with same quality.
US$ 24.95
835.3 KB


Enables you to mix your favorite songs with new sounds and beats and allows you to save them in mp3 format.
US$ 47.00
2.16 MB

Advanced MP3 - WMA Recorder

This tool allows you to record audio sounds from any of the resources. Supports streaming audio, MicroPhone, Music played by winamp, Real player, etc.
US$ 29.95
3.70 MB

Alive Video Joiner

With this utility you can combine any number of video files to form single large video file of format such as AVI, MPEG, WMV or RM.
US$ 29.95
10.62 MB

All2WAV Recorder

Sound recording program that is capable of recording sounds from a variety of sound resources and saves the recorded sounds in WAV format and features a WAV player.
1.6 MB
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