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1st Read It Aloud!

Software that aids in reading any word documents or text which you selected. It includes over different languages in different voices. Allows you to select and customize the pitch, voice speed, volume etc.
US$ 29.95
3.17 MB

Advanced Text to Speech Reader

A text-to-speech software that can read textual contents present on email messages, documents, newsletters etc., through voices. Feature to change the reading speed and volume, are included.
US$ 24.95
685.3 KB

Aldo s Text-to-WAVE

Converts text present in web pages, documents, and other files into voice. Ideal for learning long documents and foreign languages. Supports MP3, WAV and OGG formats.
US$ 15.95
691.3 KB

Audio Book Creator

Text to audio converter tool which has the ability to change your word documents as well as the webpages into audio format. Includes built-in alarm and scheduler.
US$ 29.99
19.01 MB


Program that reads out any kind of documents and it can be used for proof reading purpose. It allows you to create your own talking album, presentation or product demos by attaching any sound files or your own voice.
US$ 10.00
15.4 MB


Software that can read your texts, webpages, memos or other files by converting the files in to audio file formats.
US$ 24.95
4.78 MB


Application that can check emails, read out the chat contents, sends your reply as voice messages, tells the weather forecast, filter spam mails etc.
2.44 MB

E-Text Reader

Software which helps to read e-books and e-texts. It can read the documents in text and HTML formats. It includes text highlighting, book marking and extraction tools.
US$ 49.95
60.71 MB


Speech engine that can read whatever you type don your system. It uses Microsoft`s animated agents to read whatever you perform on your system.
US$ 4.99
3.2 MB

eSpeak text to speech

By using TTS engines, this program could read text with better audio quality and saves the output as WAV file and supports many languages.
1.3 MB
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