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3D Box Shot Maker

A box cover for your software creations could be generated using this program that prompts you to input front and side cover to create rich looking box cover image.
1.3 MB

Barcode .NET control

Barcode image generator which allows you to create barcodes in desired iamge file format and also allows you in printing via .NET framework.
US$ 159.00
922.0 KB

Beauty Wizard

A tool that helps you to define the culture of beauty. Try more than hundreds of stylish hairstyles, lipsticks, lenses and have a glorious look at your face!
US$ 39.95
4.09 MB

Business Card Designer Printer

Generate business cards on the fly with the help of this utility that allows you to creatively apply background colors for your cards, graphics etc.
US$ 29.95
9.7 MB


Extract and save the color code of your desired colors from screen automatically.
274.4 KB

DesignWorks Lite for Macintosh

A powerful tool to create complicated technical drawings and professional circuit diagrams for documentations and presentations in an easy way.
US$ 39.95
5.85 MB


An image manager that calculates the measurement of irregular shaped images and allows you to rotate, resize, crop and to add effects to images.
US$ 299.00
6.6 MB

Dr. Jekill

Webcam add-on which allows you to edit your captured images from webcams. Supports you to print images, zoom in or out and also provides picture delay option for 3 seconds.
US$ 5.00
951.0 KB

DWGSee DWG Viewer

An image viewer that provides an interface to view and print DXF and DWG files and allow you plot images in batch mode. Supports to convert DWG file to pdf format and also to image formats like JPG, TIFF, and GIF.
US$ 69.00
8.7 MB

EZ Screen Recorder

Real time computer screen activities can be captured and recorded as Avi video files with this software. It provides customized settings for recording the Windows screen with video and audio.
US$ 39.95
1.1 MB