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40tude Dialog

News reading application to grab news from multiple online news servers. It includes customizable GUI, spell checker, crosspost management functions and many more to help you.
US$ 59.00
3.82 MB

A4Pocket Newsreader

Newsgroups can be accessed right from your pocket PC by using this news reading tool.
US$ 24.95
2.08 MB

Aardvark Desktop Creator

View the latest headlines from your desired web sites right on your desktop screen.
2.00 MB


Collect required information from internet resources such as RSS feeds, web pages, YahooMail etc., by using this news grabbing utility.
US$ 29.95
757.8 KB


Two in one utility that comes with the ability to work as a full-featured USENET news reader and also as a pop email client.
US$ 29.00
3.64 MB

Agent Newsreader

An internet news reader and email application which supports multiple news servers to read news from and also supports several SMTP and POP accounts for email sending and receiving.
US$ 29.00
8.9 MB

Android Newsgroup Downloader

Download huge binary newsgroups such as pictures, movies, music etc., This tool enables to import NZB files and provides multi-threaded download accelerator.
US$ 26.95
1.61 MB


Automatically receives picture from usenet, adds unlimited files to list, supports YnEnc, NNTP and MTCM-CSV.
US$ 25.00
1.9 MB

Atomic Post

Usenet application to post unlimited number of messages to unlimited number of newsgroups. Multiple files can be attached by using UUEncode or MIME/Base64.
US$ 29.95
1.48 MB

Auto Web View

Generates newscast in desktop, helps to navigate through informational websites and to display it as screensaver. Add images and news items on display list.
US$ 19.95
771.5 KB
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