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A pop-up blocker that helps you to block the unwanted pop-up ads and this program would not block the normal pop-up windows.
US$ 14.95
720.0 KB

#1 Popup Blocker

Helps to block popup ads to be displayed on your website, while surfing internet.
US$ 34.95
2.19 MB

1 Popup Blocker

If you want prevent annoying popup that slow down and destroy your surfing experience then this is the right tool for you.
US$ 34.95
2.19 MB

100% Popup and Flash killer

Stops attack of popup ads and flash windows on your PC.
US$ 15.95
84.0 KB


An addon tool for Internet explorer which suppresses or stops popup ads from any website.
US$ 14.95
1.94 MB


Protect your PC from malicious web script virus, popup ads windows, sypWare, adWare using 123 WashAll software.
US$ 39.95
1.97 MB

12Ghosts Popup-Killer

Two-in-one package which contains popup stopper and online privacy tool. It also helps you to protect your browser home page.
US$ 29.95
1.58 MB

A+ PopUp Blocker

Helps you to stop all types of popups such as IP messenger ads, Windows messenger ads, popup and pop-under ad windows easily. You can play your favorite music when the blocking task is completed.
452.9 KB

AbsoluteShield IE Popup Blocker

Filters annoying unsolicted popup ad windows while you are using the internet.
US$ 24.95
596 KB

Accurate Popup Killer

Utility that has the ability to block annoying popup ads as well as dialog popup windows. Provides instant notification on blocking a popup window.
US$ 19.95
455.9 KB
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