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3D Dancing Leprechaun

Relax yourself by viewing the serene woods with wood elf house, magic mushrooms, shamrocks and the elf dancing wildly to the celtic music.
US$ 10.00
2.60 MB

3D Good Ole Summertime

Brighten up your desktop with sun winking and smiling with sunflowers gently floating in the background. Beauty of this screensaver is enhanced by sound effects.
US$ 9.95
2.38 MB

3D Manatee Cove

Screensaver that displays manatees swimming gracefully on your screen along with silvery fish. Customize your screensaver, change to nighttime or sunset using this tool.
US$ 9.95
6.82 MB

A Very 3D Christmas Screen Saver

Let Christmas spirit spring back by displaying the santa with his sleigh and the reindeers flying past the houses. Christmas carols can be selected and played in the background.
US$ 7.50
1.82 MB

aMAZEing Screensaver

Creates mazes in a random manner on your desktop and searches its way through the mazes by using depth first search algorithm.
42.5 KB

Astral Blossom

Make a colorful display of petals on your screen using this software. Colors in petal segments can be alternated using the hue banding feature.
US$ 9.95
76.5 KB

Balloons Galore

Enjoy the colorful hot air balloons drifting on your desktop along with a pleasant MP3 music in the background from Google using this screensaver.
3.89 MB


Display on your desktop an amazing 3D screensaver that shows an animated baseball game with lively sounds.
US$ 5.00
7.59 MB

Bliss Saver

Decorate your desktop with amazing animated screensavers from among various animations. Generate animations by giving sound, MIDI and keyboard values as input.
US$ 19.95
774.4 KB

Blue Skies Screensaver

Display an animated moving cloud screensaver right on your desktop screen.
11.22 MB
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